All of our silicone teethers and beads are MADE IN CHINA , which are then assembled in CANADA. After discussing with corresponding government agency, we realized that the packaging of SILICONE TEETHERS needs to be updated to reflect the country of origin as less than 50% of the process is being carried out in Canada. If you have ordered the following products from us, please note that the teether should be labelled as MADE IN CHINA on the packaging. We are taking corrective measure to update the packaging immediately.

1. ALL SINGLE SILICONE TEETHERS both branded Loulou Lollipop and Non-branded.
2. ALL SILICONE TEETHER SETS both branded Loulou Lollipop and Non-branded.

If you have any questions in regards to your product, please feel free to contact the following officer. We sincerely apologize for the error. It is not our intention to mislead our customers, and we appreciate your understanding and co-operation at this time.

Angel Kho,